Our story.

It’s a story as old as time.

You hear about a business, you type their name into a search engine, you find the right result, you click on it, and… something out of a 1990’s Netscape nightmare pops up at you. The graphics are stretched out and pixelated. Links are broken. The business’ info is hard to find or outdated. Your first impression of this business is negative, and you exit out in a hurry – ready to look up a competitor.

We saw this series of events play out so often – even with businesses that we knew had excellent services or products – that we decided to do something about it.

You know your small business is awesome. Let’s show the world.

Our approach.

Our building and design process is strongly informed by our diverse background of skills.

Our combined background in information systems, server administration, web hosting, coding, and design means we possess the tools and know-how to build fast, beautiful, and secure websites. While other agencies often outsource the technical nuts & bolts to third party vendors, we build everything in-house. We start with a bare, super fast server, and build your site on it from the ground up. This means we are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of your site – and, in the rare event that something goes wrong, we’re there to fix it quickly and permanently.

Our principles.

We believe that our principles as a team are what help us stand out from the rest.

We believe in people over products and profit. We believe in more time with the family and less time buried in a work cell phone. We believe in maximizing time spent on self improvement – physically, mentally, and spiritually. We believe in passionately fighting for the causes we believe in, no matter how the rest of the world sees us. We believe in doing the right thing, even and especially when nobody is looking. We believe in faith and family.

As a team, we reserve the right to work exclusively with others who share our deeply held principles.

Let us help your business reach new heights.